Sage Summit Registration Opens April 9, 2014 – Sans Full Agenda

According to this Tweet from the official Sage Summit account partners will be registering on April 9, 2014 for the annual Sage North America Summit conference with only a limited view of the conference agenda. According to Sage more details on the agenda will then be revealed in May.

And, no, we don’t have any  details to share about the conference.


Let Me Try Your Services For Free

Here’s one way to respond to prospects who request free services.



BrainSell Buys Sage Accounts From Bonadio Group CPA Firm


More acquisition activity in the Sage channel this morning as Topsfield, Massachusetts Sage Partner BrainSell announces that they’ve purchased the Sage 100 ERP practice of The Bonadio Group a Pittsfield New York CPA firm and reseller of Sage Software products since 1998.

This is the first acquisition for BrainSell in 2014. BrainSell has 11 office locations in the United States. BrainSell has offices in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Boston, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota and Utah.

BrainSell’s focus is  on CRM and Marketing Automation as well as Sage ERP products.


Press Release

So This Is Why I Haven’t Gotten A Reply To My Sage Email


Today is apparently “No Email Day” at Sage UK. This is the third year for the stunt which apparently makes people more productive.

No Email Day, a 24-hour period freed from the demands of the inbox, is being held tomorrow and it’s founder Sage’s content and social media specialist, Paul Lancaster, hopes it will allow people to get on with some work.

Already big names like Microsoft, conference call software company Powwownow, IBM and business confidence monitor, Grant Thornton, have pledged their support to the concept, which simply means avoiding email for 24 hours.

All other methods of communication including phone, text messages, social media, hand-written notes and face to face conversations are allowed.

It was created by Paul in 2011 when he realised that email was making him less productive. The first no email day on November 11, 2011 and his online manifesto received 30,000 views.

The Journal

Tire Kicker Management 101

Do you have prospective customers who find you on the Internet and call asking  all sorts of free “quick questions”?  These are often people who’ve dropped maintenance, dropped their consultant and are moving to another solution  – but have one quick question.

Do they want the bottom of the barrel service level with no pre-planning yet they keep sending questions outside of the scope of what they’ve requested.

I found a 100% foolproof method to get around this. I call this the Schulz Qualifying System (SQS) for short.

Send them a proposal with an invoice. You’ll never hear from them again. Works every time for me.

The State of Project Planning

How many times have you been in this meeting? Or one reasonably close.

SilverSun Technologies Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire ESC Software


SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: SSNT) (OTCQB: SSNT) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, SWK Technologies, Inc., a national provider of transformational business technology solutions and services, has signed a letter of intent to acquire ESC Software, a leading Arizona-based reseller of Sage Software and Acumatica applications. Founded in 2000, ESC has implemented technology solutions at prominent companies throughout the Southwest.

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Sage North America Revamps, Adds Fourth Knowledgebase

Sage today announces the addition of  their fourth and final mid-market support knowledgebase. Acknowledging that  prior online support databases had fallen short of their potential Sage officials noted that the new knowledgebase would be mobile, easy to use and feature a user interface familiar to most of their channel partners. [Read more…]

Sage Estimates 5,000 Will Attend Summit 2014



Sage North America have begun mailing some prior conference sponsors with information about exhibiting at their upcoming Sage Summit 2014 event to be held July 28-31, 2014 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.  The 2014 prospectus reveals several things.  [Read more…]

Sage EVP Marketing Gabie Boko Talks Branding


Sage North America EVP Marketing Gabie Boko talks about some of the steps Sage is taking to expand upon their branding to a new era of customer.