Still billing in fractions of an hour? How quaint.

hourglassAre you still billing your clients in fractions of an hour? Why?

Is there a rule somewhere that says the value of your services are directly related only to the amount of time you spent on them? If so, then how do you compensate yourself for the time spent accumulating that knowledge? How about the time you never billed the last client for sharpening your skills on that very same question you just answered (and billed) in 10 minutes for the current client? Continue reading “Still billing in fractions of an hour? How quaint.”

Could Microsoft exit the ERP business altogether?

ballmerIs it possible that we’ll see Microsoft sell out and exit the ERP accounting software business altogether? There are a number of signals, most recently today’s Bloomberg article that quotes Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell as saying the company is on a permanent diet and could ship some customer support positions to countries with lower personnel costs.

Of course that statement and one stinky quarter alone is not enough to draw a conclusion that the company’s Microsoft Dynamics, Navision and Axapta are on the chopping blocks.

A quarterly earnings report where the analyst revenue estimates were missed by over $1 billion is nothing to sneeze at. And judging from this article online in Bloomberg – the company expects to be making permanent changes that have in the past included cutting non-essential divisions. So the question is whether the ERP division could be on the blocks? Bloomberg Continue reading “Could Microsoft exit the ERP business altogether?”

Dear Wayne – I am interested in learning more about how you use social media

wayne schulz bhWayne,

I really enjoy reading your posts and observing how you are leveraging social media. You have presented yourself as an expert on many topics–good for you!

I am interested in learning more about how you are using social media in your business. Do you currently promote products through Facebook, twitter and other forums? If so, I would really like to talk with you about the metrics you watch and time you dedicate to contributing and responding in these forums.

Thanks again for sharing your articles. Continue reading “Dear Wayne – I am interested in learning more about how you use social media”

5 Lies Competitors Hope You Believe

mas90guruIf I’d taken all the terrible business advice  I’ve been given over the years I would have been out of business   10 years ago.

Well meaning consultants have this habit of giving advice about things they sometimes know nothing about. If you’re foolish enough to follow it you may end up like they  do – out of business, unemployed or working as an employee.

Here are my five favorite lies  consultants have tried to lay on me over the years Continue reading “5 Lies Competitors Hope You Believe”

T-Mobile to release BlackBerry 8520 – I suggest you skip this model

blackberry 8520T-Mobile today announced they’ll be releasing their latest BlackBerry – the 8520 – on August 5. I suggest you skip this model. The camera is a step down (only 2 MP)  from the just released BlackBerry 8900 (3.2 MP camera) and there is still no 3G data capabilities. On the plus side RIM have included some fancy multi-media buttons at the top of their newest Berry.

But really, who buys a BlackBerry to play music?

This is slated to be T-Mobile’s low end BlackBerry and you’ll be able to find it widely available for free. The problem is the service isn’t free and you’ll pay top dollar in monthly voice and data only to be attached to a low end BlackBerry that takes crappy photos.