Is Accountmate Baked From Too Much Sun ?

Once again Accountmate is on a recruiting drive with Sage partners. I just received an email titled “Is Sage’s X3 Half Baked?

This is a fair question – though the only proof of this that Accountmate gives is “According to dealers and industry experts, Sage X3 is still a work in progress”. I’m guessing that they are referring to various web posts – chiefly from Bob Scott – where the readiness of Sage ERP X3 is called into question.

However it’s not possible to tell because there’s no other information about WHAT isn’t ready with Sage ERP X3.

And it gets even crazier from there.

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Accountmate Ignites Some Early Fireworks Pointed at Sage

David Dierke, President and CEO of ERP software vendor Accountmate unleashed a stinging appraisal of Sage’s channel practices in a recrutment email sent to some Sage partners today.

In the email he ignites some early July 4th fireworks by taking  aim squarely at his description of Sage’s channel practices:

The management team at AccountMate has been in place over eight years. We’re also the owners. We are not beholden to outside shareholder influence. That means our focus is on our resellers, not on unreasonable expectations from people outside the business.

We do what we believe is in the best long-term interest of our reseller channel and the company. Nobody can tell us to change the name of our products to conform to some foreign corporate strategy.

Full email follows

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Is Sage Bouncing You Around?

Are you one of the Sage partners who received an email today from Accountmate?

The title of the email “Is SAGE Bouncing Your Around?” asks several questions – and implies that Sage doesn’t treat their resellers with respect.

I’m not sure I see where Sage is disrespecting their resellers though I guess the constantly moving tier commission structure is what Accountmate is implying is disrespectful.

I have a different opinion.

I couldn’t care less if Sage (or any publisher) paid me 100% commission on a sale.  The margin on software or maintenance is only covering most reseller’s costs.

What do I care about?

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