Why 2012 Should Be Your Year of Being Local

Now is the time to call your support agreements something other than support  and make services other than help desk/ break-fix be the focus of those recurring plans. You are offering recurring agreements to customers, right?

For MAS90 we are largely over the complex upgrade hump so creating an “access agreement” where you:

– provide x on-site planning and strategy meetings – up to y product update installs – up to z version upgrades

This is our “special sauce” that will keep out most competitors who don’t have a local presence.

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Lies VARS Believe: Unlimited Support Means People Call More

I’m 100% certain that in the ERP support business that phone support agreements are the way to go.

I don’t run into all the problems people say that you’re supposed to with an agreement. In other words I’m not constantly on the phone with specific customers, they’re not calling every minute of the day, etc.

Yes, it does result in an increase in call volume. It also results in an increase in customer loyalty — and recurring revenue.

I’ve not had to staff any extra people to meet the call volume – though I hear that other VARS do.

We also don’t specifically designate someone to “sit in a chair and wait for a call” (most other VARS don’t either though some consultants are permanently assigned to office work/projects).

I think if you’re talking any more than 150 customers on a phone support plan that you probably would have to (we have about half that number). Continue reading “Lies VARS Believe: Unlimited Support Means People Call More”