Brad Smith Named Acting Chief Marketing Officer – Sage North America

Sage North America EVP Marketing Dennis Frahmann has been removed from  the Sage Executive page though a Google search still shows his bio in detail on the Sage North America site.

This IS AN ANNOUNCED change. Sage at Summit 2012 indicated Dennis would retire sometime this Fall but provided no exact date.

So far as I’m aware a permanent replacement has not (yet) been announced although Sage UK did hire a Chief Marketing Officer – Amanda Jobbins.

Brad Smith, Sage VP Customer Experience is now listed on his LinkedIn page as acting Chief Marketing Officer.

Brad Smith Sage (LinkedIn)

Intuit’s Unbelievable Response to Data Outage

In case you missed it Intuit just suffered through a very public and embarrassing data outage.

By most accounts the outage lasted at least 36 hours.

Repors say it took down some of Intuit’s corporate sites as well as reportedly some of their accounting offerings such as TurboTax Online, Quickbooks Online, Quicken and Quickbase.

Customers are understandably upset. And Intuit’s not the first publisher to have a prolonged data outage. Google, Twitter, Sage – and others have them.

When outages happen other publishers tend to keep quiet  about them and not criticize a competitor because they know their turn for an outage could arrive tomorrow.

What’s remarkable about Intuit’s response to the outage is two things. They didn’t use a PR flack to deliver a boilerplate apology (see Apple’s iPhone 4 order snafu apology for a good example of what that looks like)

This morning I noticed something about their apology that I’ve rarely seen a software publisher do.

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