Sage Repeats The Message: All Partners Matter

Last year I was surprised to learn that Sage sent several representatives to Barbados to host a partner conference.

After all,  if the perpetual grumblings of partners are to be believed,   big software companies only care about their largest partners.

Sage is working hard to dispel that myth. And they’re doing it largely by actions as opposed to photo opportunities and press releases.

As I noted in a post last year when I wrote about the Barbados conference held in December 2010:

Sage has about 6 partners in Barbados. They have 250 customers. Yet Sage made a trip during the busy December time to meet with customers and partners to discuss the products and how they can improve.

Sage just made another trip. This time the destination was Jamaica. The topic was again partner awards plus classroom training education. Continue reading “Sage Repeats The Message: All Partners Matter”

Sage Quietly Delivers A Message In Barbados

As partners of ERP companies how many times do we complain that the only people getting any attention are big box moving award winning partners ?

I know I’m guilty of this. And on more than one occasion.

Sage appears to be working hard to dispel that myth. Check out this article online (thanks to Scott Zandbergen (Twitter)  of Sage for pointing it out).

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