8 Client Types That Are Nothing But A Pain In The Ass

This morning on the Sage Partners, Employees and Alumni Linkedin group someone posted an article titled ” The Five Clients You Should Avoid Like The Plague“.

The post resonated with me because over the past year it seems like I’ve run into just about one of every type of client mentioned.

Just to be clear — the problem clients are 98% orphans. That is, they’re existing users of Sage ERP MAS 90 who’ve left their prior consultant for whatever reason and are searching for a new consultant.

There are a multitude of reasons that clients switch consultants. And I’ve hear all of them – or so it seems.  It’s to the point now that I hardly listen to the reasoning and instead I’m looking for warning signs of whether the customer is one that we’d be able to (or want to) service.

The typical warning signs almost always result in a polite “no thanks” to their initial inquiries. Those warnings signs are the big ones: Multiple consultants over a short period of time, shopping for a detailed fee quote, asking to buy software without services or giving us the ability to survey what they own or how they use it, filthy rest rooms (in my experience a dead-on indicator of how they treat their employees).

There are however another 8 types of clients that I’ve run across. Though well intentioned – they’re just not worth the time and effort to pursue. Unfortunately you’ll only learn this through the experiences of dealing with these types.

The 8 types I recommend avoiding?

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No assholes and 11 other rules of client acceptance

farkasWant to keep your sanity – and earn a decent living?

Don’t be afraid to turn your back on potential problem clients – before they become problems.

In most instances this means not accepting the majority of prospects who knock on your door.

You’ve probably dealt with any number of difficult client relationships. After having had more than my fair share I’ve set a few very simple ground rules before I’ll start to consider taking on a new customer. Continue reading “No assholes and 11 other rules of client acceptance”