Sage Is Getting Into Big Data Intelligence

I have only a slight  idea of what the context of “Big Data Intelligence” in this Sage job posting for a VP, Technology – Cloud / Mobile means but one guess is that it might use Sage Advisor collected data to deliver anonymous summarized results that indicate financial trends by industry.

Sage Advisor is part of a global initiative to deliver in-product assistance to help guide customers through tasks, resolve error messages and discover more functionality. Part of this functionality may also eventually allow collection of anonymized financial and statistical data which might be shared with a customer to allow them to compare their business performance to industry trends.

And once this data is collected – the potential would exist to resell the anonymized data to third parties who may be interested in real time financial trends by industry – or possibly to use the data to make recommendations to customers on products (think loans, credit card processing) or services that they may use based on their specific financial situation.

Intuit has indicated that they are working on something similar which would also suggest services that a customer might use who perhaps was in need of a loan, etc.

Sage is not alone in their thinking.

The Sage job position which just appeared on LinkedIn:

Provide influence and direction to the overall R&D organization and roadmaps in areas of cloud, web, and mobility. Provide specific direction in the areas of platform and architecture development, as well as the related enabling technologies. Will develop technology and process improvements and be a key leader in the long-term strategy and sustainability of product platforms and Sage’s portfolio of applications. Responsible for the development of a Big Data Intelligence strategy.

This is  just a guess but the use of Sage Advisor collected data was hinted at by Sage’s EVP Mid-Market Solutions  Joe Langner at the Sage Summit 2012 press briefing. Langner was asked by an analyst whether some Sage Advisor collected data would be consolidated and possibly re-sold. A round of head nodding from the podium ensued.

This is not new – as noted Intuit is on a similar path – and the data in all likelihood is opt-in so there’s no sneaky back door collections.

Or maybe Big Data Intelligence is just about hiring some high level executive who can mine the existing customer data in order to make better recommendations about modules to buy and when to upgrade.

VP, Technology – Cloud / Mobile (LinkedIn)

Schools Implementing BYOD. Still Doubt The Cloud?

Read this quote from a recent article about how schools are increasingly allowing students to bring their own devices (BYOD) to class.

“We go on the premise that if they can use it for the Web, you don’t have to worry about which device they bring,” said Christopher Troetti, principal at Bethel High School.
Last year, the district decided to allow high school students to bring to school any online devices they had — smartphone, tablet or laptop — for use in class as teachers saw fit.

“We said, ‘Let’s give it a shot and see what happens,'” Troetti said. “We treated our kids like adults … but don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of bumps.”

In Newington, Superintendent of Schools William Collins unveiled his new technology plan at graduation in June 2011.

“I said that starting in September we’ll no longer be pulling cellphones out of your hands, we will be encouraging you to bring them in and use them. You could hear the gasps,” Collins said. “We hadn’t broken it to the teachers either. You could have heard a pin drop.”

But when students began bringing in their smartphones, laptops and tablets, Collins said, “not only did the world not come to an end, but it was also very productive.”

What impact do you think this will have in the business leaders of tomorrow and how they will demand to access their applications, services and ERP?

Some Schools Now Tell Students To ‘Bring Their Own Technology’

Sage Partners Oasis Solutions and Accordant Join Netsuite Partner Program

According to a post on Bob Scott’s Insights – Sage partners Accordant and Oasis Solutions have both signed on with SaaS ERP provider Netsuite to resell and consult with their online product.

Bob’s site describes the two firms as:

Accordant, which was a Top Five Sage reseller for 2010 and 2011, has become the latest major Sage VAR to enlist to carry NetSuite. NetSuite also signed Louisville, Ky.-based Oasis Computer Solutions. Oasis has a more wide-ranging product line and handles Dynamics GP and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, along with Sage 100.

Bob Scotts Insights

Are All Blogs Created The Same? Not If Publishers Are Hidden Behind Them

Late last night one of my 90 Minds group members posted a link to our internal Socialcast network regarding a new blog. He commented that a new web blog he found looked like an interesting source of information about Software As A Service (SaaS) or cloud computing.

First thing this morning I skipped over to take a look. Sure enough it seemed to be a relatively new blog cataloging news items in the SaaS industry.

The Internet is ripe with sites that spring up overnight with posts populated by RSS feeds from other blogs (aka SPLOGS or Spam Blogs). In general these SPLOGS seems to exist to try to game the system and earn both ad revenue and perhaps measure search visibility for a particular domain.

At first I suspected that’s what this site was. However after looking for a minute it didn’t seem to be your typical SPLOG. There were links to industry analyst blogs.  The articles seemed relatively current and topical.

The it hit me as I read the bottom of the blog. There was an entire row of posts sponsored by only one SaaS/Cloud publisher. I took a quick look at the Network Solutions Domain Name Lookup. Sure enough the site is hosted on the server of what seems to be the only sponsor. Continue reading “Are All Blogs Created The Same? Not If Publishers Are Hidden Behind Them”

Tip: Use Sugarsync to store all your master program CDs

SugarSync-storage-solutionHas this ever happened to you?

After arriving at a client site you find that you’re missing that one CD required to complete a software installation?

In the past I’ve tried creating a master set of CDs and carefully inserted them into a looseleaf binder. The problem? I kept leaving the most important ones behind in the client’s CD tray. Then I’d go to look for it at the next client and the CD that I needed was missing!

I’ve rushed into the office on days that I knew I had to be out on-site with a client and hustled to burn the CD’s that I thought I might need. What I found is this always resulted in the client  having the exact CDs  needed and my early morning dash to the office was for nothing.

Instead I’m going to tell you how you can completely solve the problem of always having every CD at your fingertips without spending any extra time or pre-planning. It’s dirt cheap – and as a plus if a client ever calls to say they can’t find their Crystal Reports Disks (or insert favorite application disk that clients love to lose) – then you can send a copy to the client via your iPhone/BlackBerry or Android device in seconds. Continue reading “Tip: Use Sugarsync to store all your master program CDs”