Craigslist As A Lead Source

This morning I spotted a posting on the free online classified advertisement site Craigslist for MAS90 MAS200 EXPERTS!!!

You can click the image on the left and read the whole advertisement. The bigger question for most consultants is whether these types of free advertising sites work to attract prospects?

Yes! This advertising works. It will attract responses. You may even be busier than you ever imagined – so long as you don’t mind working for three kinds of people (and they all share a common distaste for paying for consulting fees).

Here are the three primary types of prospect you’ll be sure to attract with a free advertisement that primarily offers low cost services.

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How To Turn A $100 Fee Into $1,500 – I Did It – So Can You!

This morning I’m off to see a long time client. Truth be told these guys are high maintenance and are much more aggressive users of my unlimited support plan than almost any other client.

Many of their questions end with a promise that they want me to perform more work – a promise that somehow never materializes.

Yet today I’m going to turn what for most consultants would have been a $100 fee into $1,500.

When I leave the client not only will I be paid – but the client won’t stop talking about the great value  they’ve received.

Unless I miss my guess this will  turn into repeat business – albeit probably only once or twice a year.

Given the choice between earning  $100 and $1,500 – which would you take? I though so. Want to know how I’m doing this?

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