Not Responsible For Hidden Damage

Last week my car had an unfortunate meeting with the back of a car carrier.

It’s probably one of the only times  I’ll ever be hit in the front end while I’m frantically steering my car in reverse.

Seems that a local trucking school undergraduate forgot to read the part in “Trucking 101 for Dummies” that says it’s not recommended to stop in the middle of a road and shift suddenly to reverse – without looking behind you.

I’ve heard  some good comes from every situation. In this case the “good” is a simply brilliant phrase that I’m eager to incorporate (with slightly different wording) into my proposals and engagement letters.

This  phrase covers much of the challenge that I’ve been having with fixed fee pricing – especially when applied to upgrades with many different unknown variables – data integrity being the biggest.

While traversing the fun world of auto insurance claims, and body repair shops I was introduced to this phrase.  I’m claiming for my own use. Continue reading “Not Responsible For Hidden Damage”