Global Tech Data (et al): How Not To Market

For what seems like the millionth time I’ve received an inquiry from my web site. Unfortunately this inquiry is not from a customer – rather it’s from Global Tech Data and Kate Myers – 832-932-4862- (who I doubts is a real person).

The new way to spam market is apparently by seeking out web sites and using their “contact us” form.

The marketing organization (in reality these should really be called spammers) then launch into their pitch. The most common pitch I’ve received is for lists of users of software (you name it they claim to have a list for it).

To anyone who thinks this is an effective way to market their services – think twice. It’s ineffective.

Meet the new spam.

Google Tasks As A Free and Quick Implementation Checklist Generator

Whenever I go out onsite for a client upgrade or implementation I think how much easier life would be if I had a standard checklist in electronic format.

Isn’t that something we all promise ourselves that we’ll do – someday? Create that master checklist that guides us through routine tasks such as upgrades.

There are numerous paper  checklists  publishers provide – however the items are often tediously redundant and it seems so 1980’s to be flipping through 15 pages of photocopied instructions.

Today I’m off to upgrade a straightforward MAS 200 system and I’ll be trying  Google Tasks as my checklist generator.

Google Tasks is free – and located in your Gmail account listed on the left side as “tasks”. It’s a decidedly bare bones way to keep a list of items you need to complete.

Before I leave I’ve created a Google Tasks list on my desktop computer. Using software for the iPhone I synchronize the tasks in real time so that I can use them while on site with the client.

If I find that I need more items in my task list — I can add those on my iPhone and they’ll be synchronized back to my desktop list of tasks.

What I hope is that with a little tweaking that I can soon have a set of tasks that become my master implementation guide that also travels with me wherever I have my IPhone or access to the web.

You can easily drag, drop and add items just about anywhere on your Google Task list.

There are also Apps you can download to your iPhone – such as GeeTasks (shown above) which will synchronize your tasks so  you can use your list deep within a server room that gets no cell reception.

Google Tasks