Custer’s Last Stand: RIM Can’t Predict When BlackBerry Service Will Normalize

Any of you who are BlackBerry users have likely noticed the service has been spotty the last several days. Sadly  Research in Motion (RIM)  doesn’t seem to know exactly what caused the problem, when it will be completely resolved – and presumably if they can’t understand the problem cannot promise it won’t recur.

One of BlackBerry’s key selling points is managing security, infrastructure and timely delivery of important email messages. When you take that away – what’s left?

I believe we have just seen the key event that will ultimately result in a BlackBerry sale or top management turnover. Perhaps both. This may not happen immediately but in my opinion the BlackBerry platform appears to be on shaky ground. The BlackBerry platforms key weakness is that it requires all email to be funneled through RIM servers thus introducing a potential catastrophic point of failure.

The outage will soon be forgotten as service returns to normal – however business and consumer confidence which already appears to be quickly shifting may forever be lost.

Outage may spell major trouble for Research in Motion

Intuit’s Unbelievable Response to Data Outage

In case you missed it Intuit just suffered through a very public and embarrassing data outage.

By most accounts the outage lasted at least 36 hours.

Repors say it took down some of Intuit’s corporate sites as well as reportedly some of their accounting offerings such as TurboTax Online, Quickbooks Online, Quicken and Quickbase.

Customers are understandably upset. And Intuit’s not the first publisher to have a prolonged data outage. Google, Twitter, Sage – and others have them.

When outages happen other publishers tend to keep quiet  about them and not criticize a competitor because they know their turn for an outage could arrive tomorrow.

What’s remarkable about Intuit’s response to the outage is two things. They didn’t use a PR flack to deliver a boilerplate apology (see Apple’s iPhone 4 order snafu apology for a good example of what that looks like)

This morning I noticed something about their apology that I’ve rarely seen a software publisher do.

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