Sage will invest in partners that invest in Sage

Sage is following up via email with partners who  they claim didn’t make their August 2012 Sage Summit 2012 conference.

The email message invites those partners to “work on the building blocks of your business”  with Sage by developing a 12-18 month plan which outlines how you will grow your business with Sage.

The message seems to hint that in the coming 12 to 18 months partners should make definite plans to increase their business if they want any investment from Sage.

At least one partner – who did attended Summit – received the following email from Sage Central Region Channel Development and Strategy Executive Rick Burtt.

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Sage updates Summit 2012 attendance to include 1,500 integrators

In a post today on CRN Sage EVP Joe Langner revealed that ” more than 1,500 solution providers are registered to attend Sage Summit next week”.

The total conference attendance will be higher. Starting with Sage Summit 2011 in Washington DC  both partners (solution providers) and customers now attend the same event.

Sage have previously revealed that 1,100 first timers would attend Sage Summit 2012 held  August 12-17, 2012 in Nashville TN.

Sage’s conference app which is available to those registered for Sage Summit features a “People Finder” which when queried reveals a total name count likely to exceed 4,000.

Two years ago Sage indicated that almost 1,000 partners attended Sage Insights in Denver Colorado.



Balanced Scorecard

Although a method to rate Sage partner performance has not fully been made public – here is my personal opinion of what the internal scorecard looks like.

It’s a simple two line checklist. Pick either #1 or #2. It will trump all other criteria.

  1. Sells acceptable number of new user deals
  2. Does not sell acceptable number of new user deals

In my opinion no other measurement matters.

Soldier on.

Certification Deadline Day – Or Not

Many Sage partners will be up late struggling to meet the first certification deadline to remain active and receive support from Sage.

March 1, 2012 is the time that has been announced for completion of initial certifications with renewals of Sage 100 ERP ongoing certifications due by April 30, 2012.

To make matters more confusing – these certifications have also been broken down into sub-components whereas before there was one certification to pass.

Now some partners must take six or more tests just to continue to earn a living.

No certification – no support.

There is this other  April 30, 2012 deadline which someone pointed out is still displayed in certain areas of the certification portal.

I stand by my prediction that the eduction department will largely be unreachable for a month or three as partners call in a panic to understand exactly what competencies are required.

Sadly there was no clear roadmap sent to partners – just an early warning that testing costs will rise absurdly if not purchased by an early deadline.

The next time a prospective customers asks if the software is easy to use –  mention that not only is it simple – but you took 6 separate certifications to learn how the basics worked.

Sage All Hand Partner Meeting Hints At New Pricing Model Within 12 Months

Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon skippered an all-hands partner meeting Friday afternoon where all Sage North American partners were urged to attend.

The purpose of the call :

” to connect with our business partners and it is a result of my desire to communicate more with you. I look forward to speaking with you during this session. Please make every effort to attend.”.

The group call started around 1:05 PM and clocked out almost exactly at 1:15 pm ET making this possibly the shortest Sage all hands conference call that many had attended.

One commenter on the Sage LinkedIn group noted publicly “It ended so abruptly that I had a picture in my head of Pascal staring at a pile of note cards he had just dropped and ending the call in a panic”.

Still, by my count I’ve already met (twice) and heard from the new Sage CEO at least a half dozen times more than the prior CEO who was widely regarded by partners as distant and impersonal.

Whether it takes an hour or 15 minutes to deliver a message – what should matter is the message and not the time spent in idle chitchat.

So what was the message?

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