Sage Summit 2012 Customer Keynote (YouTube)

I was going to comment that this Sage Summit 2012 keynote was preceded by what may have been the world’s longest drum solo – but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen longer on the last Van Halen tour.

Sage Summit 2012 opened its customer days with “Sage City”, an interactive networking event designed to engage peer-to-peer sharing. To kick off Sage City, Sage North America CEO, Pascal Houillon, and Himanshu Palsule, Sage North America’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product Strategy opened with Sage’s vision.



Sage Drops The F Bomb at Summit 2012

Tommy Williams is Channel Manager for BCS Prosoft – developer of Automated Rental Management Software for Sage 100. He’s just created this video that plays upon one of the entertaining moments of the Sage Summit keynote when CEO Pascal Houillon, who is French, spoke the word FOCUS and it came out F* US (video is here – fast forward to the 20:00 mark) .

Prediction: Tommy will soon be starring in some Sage commercials.

Automated Rental Management for Sage 100 ERP

Sage Summit 2012 Partner Keynote – YouTube

Last week Sage sent around a link to a full version of a streaming video of their Sage Summit 2012 partner keynote. There was just one problem – the video was encoded in streaming Windows Media WMV format. Most MAC and mobile devices cannot easily playback that format without some additional plugins.

Earth to Sage North America – 1995 called and they’d like their video encoding technology back. Oh, and by the way –  there’s a sizable number of users who are on MAC or iOS devices and therefore unable to easily view your WMV of the partner keynote that you sent around. Let’s focus on spreading the love for other platforms, ok?

Here’s a YouTube version of the keynote  which is viewable without having to install kludgy MAC plugins or have Windows Media installed.

Anyone besides me find it ironic and funny that the main topic of Sage Summit 2012 was mobile – yet Sage sends a copy of their keynote in a format not readily accessible by mobile.

See also cognitive dissonance.


Sage Summit 2012 Keynote – YouTube

Sage Message To Partners: We Do Love You, We Know Our True North, Focus, Adapt And Follow

The Sage Summit 2012 partner and customer conference wraps up today and here are the things I have not read from any analyst who was in the briefing room with me for the past three days (here’s a good summary of what the typical analysts are writing – from Bruce Guptill of Saugatuck )  – and Bob Scott and Seth Fineberg both write great analytical summaries.

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Sage All Hand Partner Meeting Hints At New Pricing Model Within 12 Months

Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon skippered an all-hands partner meeting Friday afternoon where all Sage North American partners were urged to attend.

The purpose of the call :

” to connect with our business partners and it is a result of my desire to communicate more with you. I look forward to speaking with you during this session. Please make every effort to attend.”.

The group call started around 1:05 PM and clocked out almost exactly at 1:15 pm ET making this possibly the shortest Sage all hands conference call that many had attended.

One commenter on the Sage LinkedIn group noted publicly “It ended so abruptly that I had a picture in my head of Pascal staring at a pile of note cards he had just dropped and ending the call in a panic”.

Still, by my count I’ve already met (twice) and heard from the new Sage CEO at least a half dozen times more than the prior CEO who was widely regarded by partners as distant and impersonal.

Whether it takes an hour or 15 minutes to deliver a message – what should matter is the message and not the time spent in idle chitchat.

So what was the message?

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Laurie Schultz Out At Sage North America SVP and GM, Mid-Market ERP Solutions

New is filtering in that Laurie Schultz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mid-Market ERP Solutions, is leaving the company as of the end of the month. Laurie was in charge of the Mid-Market solutions which also included Sage ERP MAS90, MAS200, MAS500 and the newest ERP X3 lines as it was marketed in North America.

Laurie was recently spotlighted on the global ERP X3 conference call on May 26, 2011 where she was the only North America executive representing Sage  in explaining the Sage ERP X3 marketing plans.

Laurie joined Sage in October 2004 and previously worked at Intuit as VP of their Small Business Division. In recent years she had risen through the ranks as Sage spending a little over 2 years as GM of their Small Business Division before moving to become Senior VP and General Manager.

The June 2011 edition of Computer Dealer News named Laurie Schultz one of the top 20 women in the IT Channel.

Her bio (via LinkedIn) Includes:

P&L accountability for multi million dollar ERP software portfolio spanning 7 products (Accpac, MAS90, MAS500, X3, Pro, PFW, Active Planner), 600 employees, 100K customers, 2K Resellers, and 100 countries. Nominated one of Canada’s “Top 20 Women in the IT Channel” (

Confirmation from the company is still pending though numerous channel sources claim to have already been briefed on this change. UPDATE: Sage has released a formal announcement. Full copy after the break.

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