Certified Implementation Partner Program



I must admit to scratching my head just a little bit over what the differences were between the Independent Sage Certified Consultant Program and the newly announced Certified Implementation Partner Program (aka CIP).  I think there are two reasons for CIP. Both would be brilliant moves by Sage. Continue reading “Certified Implementation Partner Program”

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

Updated Sage Summit 2013 iPhone, iPad and Android App Launching July 9, 2013

sage summit 2013 iphone ipad app download

Looks for Sage to officially launch their Sage Summit 2013 mobile app tomorrow July 9, 2013. The updated app, in additional to providing information about your conference schedule and exhibitor info,  has been redesigned to include a new contest where you earn points by checking in to various locations, meeting up with exhibitors, or completing surveys. The more check-ins, the more points you earn. Sage will have a Leader Board stationed at the Mobile App Help Desk where you can see who is winning. Each day, at 3pm, Sage will award the top 3 point earners a prize (You can only win once!).

Download the app from:

iTunes – Sage Summit 2013 iOS Download
Google Play – coming soon

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.

Sage’s Channel Challenge

sage hellpA consultant emailed me their opinion of  what they believe Sage North America’s biggest channel challenge is with respect to cross selling add-ons to existing customers.

I think this closely summarizes the thoughts of other partners who have been questioning the recent moves by the company to sell more servies (support) and products directly to customers.

Product sales have historically been offered only through Sage’s partner channel – though increasingly I’m told by multiple sources that Sage is ramping up what some may consider to be an aggressive push to market and sell more directly into some customers of smaller partners with fewer than 49 customers.

Certainly Sage is not alone in their channel challenges though it’s rare that we’ve seen a channel company bypass partners and remain a vibrant partner centric company (the old Macola and Epicor come to mind as two examples of ERP companies who bypassed their channels and never seemed to regain their full channel strength).

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Steve Cameron, Sage SVP Sales, Mid-Market and CRM Solutions Reportedly Departs

After 8 months Steve Cameron, Sage’s SVP of Sales for the Mid-Market and CRM division has reportedly departed. Steve joined Sage North America in January 2012 and was tasked with overseeing sales of mid-market ERP and CRM.

No word on replacement . His current LinkedIn profile no longer mentions working at Sage ( here’s Google’s cache of his prior LinkedIN) however multiple sources tipped us over the past week about his departure which Sage PR would not confirm for us.

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Sage All Hand Partner Meeting Hints At New Pricing Model Within 12 Months

Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon skippered an all-hands partner meeting Friday afternoon where all Sage North American partners were urged to attend.

The purpose of the call :

” to connect with our business partners and it is a result of my desire to communicate more with you. I look forward to speaking with you during this session. Please make every effort to attend.”.

The group call started around 1:05 PM and clocked out almost exactly at 1:15 pm ET making this possibly the shortest Sage all hands conference call that many had attended.

One commenter on the Sage LinkedIn group noted publicly “It ended so abruptly that I had a picture in my head of Pascal staring at a pile of note cards he had just dropped and ending the call in a panic”.

Still, by my count I’ve already met (twice) and heard from the new Sage CEO at least a half dozen times more than the prior CEO who was widely regarded by partners as distant and impersonal.

Whether it takes an hour or 15 minutes to deliver a message – what should matter is the message and not the time spent in idle chitchat.

So what was the message?

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Superfecta: Doug Meyer Next To Depart Sage

Bob Scott is reporting today that Doug Meyer, former President of Sage Small Business Division featuring Peachtree Accounting, ACT! Contact Management and Simply Accounting small business solutions – (2000 to 2007), President, Industry and Specialized Solutions Division (2007 – 2009) and most recently Chief Customer Office will leave Sage North America during February 2011. Doug had been with Sage since 1999 in a variety of executive positions. He originally came to Sage when the company purchased Peachtree Software in 1999.

The video above was pre-recorded and strangely enough just posted on YouTube January 17, 2011.  Doug is describing the virtual Summit conference that Sage held in November 2010.

Doug’s anticipated departure follows Jodi Uecker-Rust President SBS  (Departed October 2010), Sue Swenson  CEO (Retirement announced November 2010 – departure sometime in mid 2011), and Paul Johnson EVP Sales (Departed December 2010) in announcing departures from Sage North America.

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