I’ll Get Back To You After I Check With My Boss

Despite Google’s turn away from a lot of inbound links as a determination of page ranking/relevance – the method still seems to work very well. These guys have done a great job of building inbound links and seem to be overtaking most people for the keyword of “MAS90”.

I’m not entirely sold on the value of single keywords. We get a fair amount of traffic from people searching for MAS90. Of that traffic a high percent converts to an inquiry. A very low percent converts to a paying engagement.

Web visitors asking for pricing information have been our most disloyal customers. If we lose a customer – more often than not it’s someone who found us via a generic web search.

Can you make money from these folks? Yes. Is it long term recurring revenue? In some cases it is but you sure have to “kiss a lot of toads” to find that diamond in the rough.

I’d guesstimate that to create one recurring revenue (meaning you’re paid an annual fee for support or other services for three years or more) that you have to talk with between 40 and 80 online inquiries.

And these initial discussions, based on my experiences, are usually more like hour long question and answer sessions. My guess is something like 90% of inquiries have no intention to pay anything for your help (you’ll recognize them because they’ll end the conversation with “I’ll get back to you after I check with my boss/mom/wife/grandma/wife/cfo/priest/accountant…”

My close rate on opportunities that I personally visit in my state or have been referred to is orders of magnitude higher than web leads (I bet we close 1 in 2 orphan visits) . Continue reading “I’ll Get Back To You After I Check With My Boss”

What A MAS90 Blog Is Not

Sorry for the teensy image capture on the left (double click it and you can view the full page image) – but there’s no way I’m linking to the site.

Please – if you are going to start what you call a blog – make it be more than lengthy paragraphs crammed with keywords that does nothing other than try to game the search engines.

And for kicks read the first page of the blog where they announce how they’re not like any other blog and their site contains no fluff. Please don’t make this mistake and produce this type of unhelpful content that is so obviously only written for search engine optimization.


SEO Just Got 9 Times Harder – Content 9 Times As Valuable

In case you’ve missed it Google recently updated their search layout.

Instead of always returning standard search results as indexed within Google – the search giant now displays a total of 9 additional places that a searcher (aka prospective client) can find your company.


Just when you thought that SEO was a snap and all you had to do was throw a few hundred keywords up on your firm’s home page – the game is suddenly changed.

Actually the game has been changing for years. Blogs have emerged as relevant research tools. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have enabled our customers to reach out to their friends for recommendations as opposed to relying upon raw searches through Google or other easily gamed Internet search engines.

Is there a way for you to keep up with all these changes? I think so – and it’s been right in front of your nose all along.

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Publicly shared Google Apps documents will now be indexed by search engines

google docs indexedBeginning sometime later this month Google will start to index any spreadsheets, documents or presentations that you’ve created in your Google Apps account AND have shared publicly.

This doesn’t mean your documents will be shared with everyone. Rather Google is notifying their users that only publicly shared items will be indexed. Users should double check on any publicly shared items to make sure that they really should be public (here’s how).

While on the surface this may seem like an invasion of privacy, and it might be if you haven’t taken care to make sure you have not shared sensitive items, it also could be a great way for web visitors to search and find your site. Continue reading “Publicly shared Google Apps documents will now be indexed by search engines”