What’s Up With Tecura’s Acquisition By UXC Eclipse?


According to this press release announcing the acquisition of North American Microsoft Partner Tectura by UXC Eclipse:

 UXC Eclipse, a wholly owned subsidiary, has finalised an agreement for the acquisition of certain North American assets and businesses of
Tectura Corporation for consideration of US$21 million.

Total revenues for Tectura were:

With an additional 180 staff from Tectura in the USA and Canada, this will bring the UXC Eclipse North American footprint to
over 260 people, a customer base over 1,400 and annual revenue will increase by some $48 million per annum

Unless I’ve missed something UXC Eclipse just paid $21 million for $ 48 million of revenue.


via: Accounting Technology

Wayne Schulz is a consultant who writes about the ERP industry and technology related news.